[PLF] Late

Playlist-Fict : Lel (를) – 추억과더 이별하려해 (I Tried Breaking Up with Memories) Vocal by Baek Jiwoong & Ma Suhye

OtherwiseM presented

|| [Boyfriend] Hyunseong x [WJSN] Cheng Xiao || Romance || Drabble || PG-13 ||

하지만 두 번 아프기 싫어서

But I don’t wanna get hurt twice

추억과도 이별하려해

So I tried breaking up with memories

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[PLF] Droplets

Playlist Fict : Juniel – Pisces

OtherwiseM presented

|| [Juniel] Choi Junhee x [Boyfriend] Jeongmin || Romance, Angst, Fantasy || Drabble (100+ words) || PG-15 ||

The distance not too close

I think i may meet you when it’s rain

Who smiled warmly at that time

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