[2] (not) Give Up

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Day 2 : The Unrequired Love Poem
How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

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[PLF] Droplets

Playlist Fict : Juniel – Pisces

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|| [Juniel] Choi Junhee x [Boyfriend] Jeongmin || Romance, Angst, Fantasy || Drabble (100+ words) || PG-15 ||

The distance not too close

I think i may meet you when it’s rain

Who smiled warmly at that time

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Mini Event: Truk Pantura

ayuk ikutan gais <3~~

Writers' Secrets


After Writers’ Secrets’ previous Writing Prompt Event, now we’re back with another mini event. Yey! Sekarang event-nya sangat-sangat cinta Indonesia, ya siapa sih nggak pernah baca quote yang nempel di bak truk? That’s why event kali ini mengangkat prompts kreatif para supir truk yang juga senang menulis dan berimajinasi.

So, here’s the rules:

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